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4.8 / 5 based on 202 Reviews
4.8 / 5 based on 202 Reviews
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Krono Original – Laminate that feels as good as it looks!


Krono Original is a unique, characteristic and innovative brand.  Krono not only designs the look on the surface but engineers the material and the installation method and system of the flooring planks to give you a lasting impression and hassle free maintenance for the life of the product.

With this brand, you can have the best of both:

  1. Enjoy the aesthetic of cleverly reproduced natural textures to give it the natural look and feel.
  2. Without the disadvantages of having a real wood floor

Krono Laminate Flooring

Krono Original manufacturer laminate flooring that give the the look of real wood with its unique designs, natural irregular patterns and a range of surface textures to give your preferred natural feel. We hold an extensive range and large stock of laminated floors from Krono in the 8mm and 12mm thickness as it is one of our best sellers from the branded collection.

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 View the range of Krono laminate flooring products we have to offer.


Krono Gurantee

Stain and imprint resistant


Krono ensures that their laminate is highly resistance to spills even if it’s red wine, oil or jam this can be easily removed.  The laminate are also claimed to be abrasion resistant, robust and proven to be one of the most resistant floors available.  The imprint resistant property can even withstand heavy furniture like sofas and tables although it is advised to always use castors and felt pads under the furniture legs to ensure longer durability.



Twin clic


This innovative twin clic system has been designed for easy installation by avoiding the use of tools.  The twin clic has a self-aligning  tongue and groove profile allowing individual panel to be joined together quickly without any complications.


The collections available in this installation system is the Kronofix and Kronofix Rustic floors.




This is the most commonly applied click system over the majority of the collections of laminate floors available in the Krono original range including the Kronostep, Krono Vario, Stoneline and the Vintage.


This system is designed to get around difficult areas such as radiators, and doorways.  The click makes a noticeable sound to indicate it is fitted in place.  This particular system is designed to withhold the planks lifting or bulging up.


Fold Down Lock system


Another one of Krono Original’s innovative system is this revolutionary optimised profile geometry locking system that is designed to give extra strength and withstand extreme tensile forces and seasonal changes in weather.


This system is implemented in the Narrow, Walnut, Wenge and Rough Sawn collections.


Laminated Surface textures


The portfolio of textures is created for long-lasting comfort and of course the looks to replicate the real wood.  Above all the Krono floors are beautifully crafted and simple to clean with just a quick wipe to collect away dirt and dust.


Below is the range of textures we have designed to give the effect of exactly what is says.


Natural Touch Walnut Effect

Natural Touch Walnut

Rough Stone

Soft Touch High Gloss

Natural Touch Saw Marks


Authentic Embossed / Living Pore


Rustic Finish


Wood Grain


Antique Stone



The Range of Laminated Flooring planks offered by Krono Original




·         Narrow – But full of character.


·         Vintage Hickory – The authentic hand-scraped look


·         Kronotstep Supernatural – Stunning realism


·         Vario plus – Traditional with a contemporary touch


·         Stone Impression – Cold stone effect


·         Vario – the most in demand v-groove floorboard


·         Kronofix – For everyday living


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