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Accessories: Underlay, Laminate Beading, Skirting and T-bars

Upgrade your underlay before laying down your new flooring to ensure you get the full effect.
Take this opportunity to add laminated skirting for added definiton against your wall and laminate beading that covers those uneven gaps.
If you have gaps over the door way than a laminate t-bar will surely hide this giving you a nice finished off floor.


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Wood Floor Cleaning Kit

£0.30 m2 + 20% VAT

£ 0.36 m2 (incl. VAT)

Techno boards

SALE £2.10 m2 + 20% VAT

£ 2.52 m2 (incl. VAT)

Skirting board

£3.54 m2 + 20% VAT

£ 4.25 m2 (incl. VAT)

Laminate end bar

£6.99 m2 + 20% VAT

£ 8.39 m2 (incl. VAT)

Laminate T bar

£6.99 m2 + 20% VAT

£ 8.39 m2 (incl. VAT)

Scotia Laminate Beading

£0.73 m2 + 20% VAT

£ 0.88 m2 (incl. VAT)

Sonic gold 5mm underlay

SALE £1.96 m2 + 20% VAT

£ 2.35 m2 (incl. VAT)

Fibreboard underlay

SALE £1.99 m2 + 20% VAT

£ 2.39 m2 (incl. VAT)

Acoustic Foam Underlay - Silver 3mm

SALE £0.91 m2 + 20% VAT

£ 1.09 m2 (incl. VAT)

Displaying 1 to 9 of 9 products
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