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4.8 / 5 based on 202 Reviews
4.8 / 5 based on 202 Reviews
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Quick Step - Most trusted flooring brand worldwide


Quick Step is the leading flooring manufacturer with one of the largest range of laminate wood and vinyl floors. They have patented the revolutionary click system and created the first V grooves to give a defined edge between planks. Their products are easy to assemble and maintain a natural appearance and feel. The continuous innovations and trending designs on Quick Step laminate flooring has encouraged it to become a globally trusted brand producing floors that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Quick Step Warranty


The products are made at such a confidently high standard that Quick Step honour up to 25 years warranty.  This commitment is achieved directly from the quality of the product that is truly made to last.  Below are the key features of every flooring product that gurantees the quality and long lasting warranty.




Impact Resistant


Combining a scratch guard top layer with quality in-house produced HDF core boards, Quick-Step flooring is designed not to be damaged by falling objects or hardwearing footwear.


Easy to Install


Quick Step laminate flooring is easily installed with their world-famous innovative Uniclic and Multifit click installation systems.  This property directly affects the durability because if the floors are installed properly they will simply last longer.


Scratch Resistance


A Scratch Guard Layer gives an ultra protective coating for your Quick-Step Laminate flooring to keep its quality natural look for years.


Splash Warranty


The most common act that reduces the lifetime of a floor is spillage that seeps liquids into the grooves interfering with glued particles and layers.  The tensile strength of the click grooves and water resistant glues resist the breakdown of glues hence making it last longer than ordinary alternative.


Keeps it Colour


When exposed to normal levels of sunlight, Quick Step floors retains its natural colour by the UV protected guard layer that reduces the colour paling affect giving you a longer lasting quality finish.


Quick Step Range


Below is a range of floor designs that are individual by its style, purpose of use, composition and colours.