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Studio 7mm Laminate Flooring

Our cheapest ever collection of amazingly low priced 7 mm laminate flooring.

If you are looking for a quick & easy replacement laminate floor thats cheap and cheerful then look no further. 

We have hand picked the most neutral and popular colours you love with a variety of styles for you to choose.


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Displaying 1 to 14 of 14 products
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The cheapest collection of 7mm Laminate Flooring

Floors Direct's Studio 7mm laminate range is the lowest budget collection of flooring available online.  Here will you find a combination of branded and non-branded floors with the planks made in 7mm thickness. These planks are easy to install and handle especially when you require cutting around corners.

Although the 7mm is not the thickest floor available, you can get the best out of these floors by adding a little extra comfort and support from laying a better quality underlay. We would recommend you buy our 5mm sonic gold underlay that will not only soundproof your footsteps on these products but also help to level out uneven floors.


How can we offer laminate so cheap?


When we say cheap laminate flooring we mean its the lowest priced products with the largest amount of discount available in our range. We can do it by carefully hand-picking good quality floors from the cheapest manufacturers around the globe that are offering the best deals on very large quantities.  Being in the industry for many years we know what sells and which colours are popular with the new trends.  So we invest heavy and sell loads, giving us great bargaining power helping us to be the most competitive online retailer keeping our customers happy on price and satisfied with the service.


Looking for something slightly thicker and higher in budget?


If you have a little extra budget and would like a more sturdy floor then why not try our in-house brand Elite in 8mm Laminate range which has a lot more floors to choose from with a larger variety.  

This brand also offers our thickest available 12 mm laminate floors that effectively absorbs footstep echoes better giving you a more solid hardwood feel when walked upon.

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