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  1. Vinyl Tiles vs. Laminate Flooring

    Vinyl Tiles vs. Laminate Flooring

    Renovating your home but not sure whether laminate or vinyl is your best bet? Both types of flooring provide big advantages in terms of cost and durability over natural materials like hardwood, but can still both replicate this highly sought-after natural look

  2. London the largest consumer of laminate flooring

    It may not come as a surprise that London has the largest volume of online sales but when you drill down to different sectors of online shopping this may not always be the case. But according to Google's Analytics software it's reported that London has the largest search volumes for Laminate Flooring and hearing it from the horse's mouth, Floors Direct is able to support this by reporting that over 35% of their visitors are in fact located in Greater London.

  3. Choosing the right laminate for your home

    Choosing the right laminate for your home

    It's easy to be overwhelmed by the choice, so it is best to take a room-by-room approach and buy from a flooring specialist rather than a general home improvements store.

    Read on to find out how to choose the right laminate flooring for each room that can help to reform your home with a great refreshed look. You will soon discover the many varieties of colour, thickness and effects available to suite every room of the house!

  4. Extra Sale on Laminate Flooring

    Further reductions on selected laminate flooring - Once they gone, it’s gone!

    You can’t miss a bargain when it comes to Floors Direct Sale because we are always striving to beat any like for like product so you don’t have to shop around.


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