London the largest consumer of laminate flooring

It may not come as a surprise that London has the largest volume of online sales but when you drill down to different sectors of online shopping this may not always be the case. But according to Google's Analytics software it's reported that London has the largest search volumes for Laminate Flooring and hearing it from the horse's mouth, Floors Direct is able to support this by reporting that over 35% of their visitors are in fact located in Greater London.

In regards to sales conversations, Floors Direct is able to further support this report by claiming over 25% of their sales come from Greater London and surrounding areas.

So how important are Londoners to online retailers like Floors Direct? Well the answer may not be conclusively accurate but taking this flooring specialist company as an example London contributes to a big slice of its revenue cake.

The question is more important to why London shopperscontribute so much on the whole to online shopping revenues as surely they have some of the largest high street shops and the world travels to London to shop on the buzzing street in Central. Well if you take flooring as an example it's a time taking decision and online flooring shoppers tend to spend more time browsing, comparing prices, ordering samples to get a feel of the product and take a look at it in the light of their home.  More so the busy lifestyle of most Londoners make it harder to travel out so it's plausible to assume that online is an easier and maybe a more effective way to shop for flooring.

Why is Floors Direct a successful brand for Londoners shopping for Flooring?

For starters you have access to over 350 different laminate flooringproducts and that's one of the largest ranges available online from a single retailer. Shockingly more than any of the UK's largest high street brands including CarpetRight, Wickes, Homebase and DIY put together.

Online shoppers prefer to buy certain specialist products from dedicated retailers who are able to provide experienced advice and flooring is one of them.  When you visit retailers like Floors Direct you will find nothing else but flooring products so all the staff are dedicatedly trained and have the answer to almost anything you can ask for.

Floors Directis UK's largest laminate flooring retailer offering a *free UK nationwide delivery service including England, Wales and Scotland.

*Free delivery is available on most items for orders over 15 packs.