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It doesn’t getting any more natural than this.
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Solid Wood Flooring

If you are looking for purely natural oak floor then solid wood flooring is your answer.  This type of flooring gives you 100% solid timber planks cut in random lengths and various widths and thicknesses to give you a traditional and vintage looking floor.


Choose from our limited but diverse range of natural oak flooring collection available in a range of different types of finishes including brushed and oiled or simply lacquered.

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Natural oak 18mm solid wood flooring

SALE £22.40 m2 + 20% VAT

£ 26.88 m2 (incl. VAT)

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100% Natural Oak Wood Floors


These beautifully selected planks of 100% pure wood transform your room with naturally occurring rich colours.  Our floors are made with the highest quality solid wood timber that not only adds character but strength and natural resilience to any subfloor.

You fill find nothing that’s artificial in these products and no processed material are used.

Type of wood


All our wooden floors are made from a type of hardwood called Oak since these trees are available in the largest numbers compared to any other hardwood trees.


Once cut into random length planks we protect the wood surface with either lacquer or oil after being brushed down to get to the fresher part of the wood.  This ensures a longer lasting and better looking floor for years to come.

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